Thursday, May 26, 2011

Vintage Garden

Floral Patterned Top (Vintage Find) $2
Black Apostrophe Capri Shorts (Sears) $10
Red Flats (Vintage Find) $3
Brown Leather Camera Bag (Vintage Find) $5.50
Black Woven Belt (Borrowed) Unknown price
Wooden Bracelet (Thrift Store Find) $2
Bohemian Style Ring (Local Boutique) $10

             This was a quick outfit I put together from my wardrobe minus the belt borrowed from a friend. The vintage top I bought recently and is absolutely stunning! I wore this outfit for a short amount of time today, but won't be long before I'm in it again for a full day. I love adding vintage pieces with modern ones, mixing the eras together to make a creative work of art. I tend to put patterns with normal pieces in order to keep them from clashing. Normally I do carry my camera bag with me, my little expensive buddy hiding snug inside.

Hope everyone had a lovely day, I think I'm off to bed...we shall see. ;]

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